Requiem Aeternam Negastis

Story 1: No longer children


Rome expands its borders in the north and 2 young celts find themselves pushed into the political high society world of Rome. Their father is to be a Roman general, and they must now adopt a roman lifestyle. At the same time a young priestess in training, who lost her family to illness finishes a dangerous over land trip to see her uncle for help. He denies her out of anger with his sister, but her twin cousins take her in. During this time a roman street rat, an orphan whose survived by larceny takes a job serving a nobles son. His idea is to rob the kid blind, and takes a role as his personal aide. A party is grown at the Julii estate. A celebration of the oldest son Antonius becoming a man. Everyone is together for the first time, wine is drunk, friendships are made, and games are played. For most it is the first taste of true roman nobility. Weeks pass and those involved in the party start to see that with the benefits of patronage from the most powerful family in Rome comes enemies as well. What begins as exchanged looks and words in the markets escalates to threats and thrown stones. All of this culminates in a bloody battle in the markets at night on their way home from watching debate at the forums, the results of which are the death of a roman noble and his son and the street rat being pressed into Julii service as a gift for Antonius’s sister.


“Kanosh’s Perspective”

My father was unable to fend off the Romans and keep them out of our lands, but apparently his skills are still of worth and we are to be assimilated into there culture and converted. I suppose we will have to adapt to survive. I trained my little sister well, she has become a strong, beautiful young woman. She will fair fine; I on the other hand only know death, and the battlefield. I dont really have the patience for these people and there sharp tongues..

We are invited to a party thrown by the julii family and I meet a man whose wit & words are as deadly as any arrow I could fire. He is very much so at home in these kinds of settings and after much drink turns out to be pretty interesting, I think will be friends.

After a few weeks under the julii families hospitality I meet a snobby young man that talked to much. Im not use to being spoken to like that. Doesnt this child know what I could do to him? He has a slave throw a rock at my head and it draws blood. I think im going to have to take both of there lives… Antonius stops me and belittles the man and allows me to punish the briggin who struck me with the rock.

A few days later in the evening after a long day spent watching debates the young man shows himself this time with father and guards at toe. We seem to be surrounded and they begin there snid banter. I get impatient and fire a arrow I promised the young man weeks earlier and his body hits the ground. His guards engage us. Finally a battle its been so long. The father promises revenge as he flees down the alley way. I fire a arrow into the back of his skull as my sister and my new found comrades cut down the rest of the guards. Antonius pleased with the display ask me to assist him with some personal matters and thats when I began working for the interests of the julii family. The slave boy was given to Antonius’s sister as a gift, no point in wasting him..

Story 1: No longer children


It all started in Rome, sometime around 380 BC. I was young orphan boy living on the streets off of what i could steal out of peoples pockets. i was actually living quite well. I took a job as an aid to this snobby nobles son….they are all the same to me, sponge bathed and spoon fed, I figured I could make a killing off of him and his rich friends. It wasn’t long before my new master found himself in the way of a open hand slap. Me, being as honorable as i am, got in the way of said slap. Apparently my new master mouthed off to another spoon fed over grown infant. I really hate the noble types, Ive been a poor orphan on the street my entire life, so when it was over i threw a rock and hit the loud Celtic brat in the head… was a pretty good shot…I thought that was going to be it for me but then Antonius a older soon to be man stepped in and ended the confrontation. He also decided I was too good for my master and took me into his employ. Soon after that there was a celebration that i do not remember too well, I woke up very hung over and missing one of my knives….i felt like i had a good time though. There is also some really creepy old man I keep catching staring at me since Ive gotten here to the julii Estate. I was only allowed in the servants area during the debates back then, im not really sure what caused the battle after my first one but the new group I met, Antonius, Kanosh, Alia and Guinevere all seem very capable.
Story 1: No longer children


Im a Celt, born and raised. From being a child until my last years as a young woman thats all I knew. So when the Romans finally won and took our land the decided they would take father too. Shortly after we were thrown into a live of riches and politics. Father was to be made the General of the Roman army so that still made my little Celtic family of little importance. Claudius and his children took us in, rags and all. It didnt take long til my brother and I learned the pecking order of their world, Antoninus (<3) being only second to his father, Claudius.

I remember the big party we had where everyone got entirely too intoxicated to the point where some of us didnt even remember the end of the night. I took home a little souvineer to remember what a great time we all had. (Its a damn shame i had to give that knife back years down the road.)

I know there were some other disturbances happening as well with my brother and the knife owner along with an enemy of another family but its all cloudy thinking back because durning that time i was too busy trying to not be a little girl about my growing infatuation with the eldest Julii brother, Antoinious. But what i should have been focusing on was the fact the group we were forming then would be the group that saved my live time after time for THOUSANDS of years.

Story 1: No longer children


It was a tough time then, losing both parents at such a young age. I was thrown to the streets to fend for myself with nothing to call my own. I set off to travel a long journey seeking the help of my uncle. You see, I was born with noble blood in my veins but that meant very little to the Julii family when they kicked my mother out to the streets to never return. She had fallen in love and became pregnant with a fishermen. That was unexceptionable since to them he was nothing more then a street rat. On my journey I stopped at different temples that took me in for nights at a time to learn more about the gods they worship.

When I finally reached the castle where the Julii live my journey is now over. I knew it wouldnt be an easy task to win over the trust of my uncle. When I presented myself to him he made it very clear there was nothing he would do for me and he didnt want to see me around. He had children who were not at hard headed as him and actually grew to like me. They helped me with cloths and food, they pretty much took me in against their fathers will. I had to live in the shadows, of course but it was better then the streets all alone. As nights went on I met more of my cousins and others that were not related and we all became this new kind of family looking out for one another, it was nice. I felt more at home then I have in years.
Story 1: No longer children

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