Requiem Aeternam Negastis

Story 2: Venusia, where our pain began.


The word of the Julii is beyond reproach in Rome, so when Antonius told the guards the nobles died attacking him they had no choice but to believe him. Claudius is promoted to consul and is forced to travel abroad with his new star general. Fearing reprisal from other senators he sends his kids to Venusia in southern Italy. General is not worried about the safety of his kids as much as the effects the decadent roman lifestyle could have on his kids, especially his daughter. He sends his kids with the Julii to the south. While there Alia joins the ranks of the Venus cult, she meets an oracle named Agatha and a mysterious woman named mother. While she rises in rank she begins to take blood sacrament from mother every full moon. Cassius learns that the Julii are different from other masters, and that his skills can be useful to their kind. He also starts to learn more about himself and his own past. Guinevere and Nagum start to get approached by suitors, when Guinevere is not training Antonius’s sickly younger brother, as their fathers wish to marry them off. Antonius and Kanosh bond over their collective wish to see their sisters end up with what they feel is the right man for them. They jointly take steps to ensure this. The group also meets 2 strange people in an opium den. A depraved mistress named Seraphina, and a sullen Greek trader in Arabic robes named Archimedes. All things change as the phyrric war breaks out. Aided by a local noble family with ties back to Alexander the Great a Greek king invades southern Italy. Things seems well in hand till word of Kanosh and Guinevere’s dad reaches them. Kanosh is now forced to lead his people in his fathers absence. Everyone finds a way to go to the front to help fight as general, scout, healer, or by sneaking in on the front lines. Claudius hires and Greek ex solider to teach the kids how to fight Grecian military. He arrives to train with his 7 year old son Darius along with him. The war is a huge success, even in the face of elephants, and the Greeks are pushed back of of the coast of Italy. When the heroes return they find a much harsher city than they left. Kanosh has gaps in his memory, and the Greek families are pushing back against the romans. The existence of Laires, gods who walk the night, is revealed as well as the name Tyberious. The guardian of Alexander’s ancestors.


After the altercation with the nobles and guards I was shocked in the manner Antonius was able to make the incident pretty much disappear. He mentioned a few other things he needed me to do for him as we allowed our younger siblings to go on ignorant of how truely dangerous even a lavish place like Rome can be.

We get news that father has fallen and I assume his mantle to uphold the honor of our family name, however; it is too soon for my little sister to go to war atleast not a level like this. I tell her to go back to her dresses and training her future husband. She gives me a dirty look and storms off, which is fine; I have no time for childish temper tandrums I have a war to prepare for.

Father taught me well. This army we are fighting may have huge riding beast but there tactics are simple minded almost brutish. Superior tactics continued to win the day during these gory battles. I was worried for a minute there I expected a decent amount of losses from my front line due to the huge Elephants but the infantry faired suprisingly well in the face of adversity.. The war was long and drawn out, some of it is in jumbles in my head, I suppose that comes with the territory when your leading an army…



Working for the julii Is much different than just being some brats man servant. My skills are put to much better use.
A new family has been in conflict with the julii, apparently they are descendants of Alexander the great. I didn’t understand what that even meant when i accepted the job to kidnap a infant from there home. Getting permission to go into a palace or castle or whatever they were guna have and loot what i want as long as i remember to get some baby, sounds like my kind of party. Everything went according to plan. i did my usual thing, scale a wall jump to a window, sneak in. On the way out there was trouble, i was being chased by someone who i thought to be a guard. Before i went in i told some archers to cover me if i have to run out…so they did. and They dropped the “guards” that were chasing me. When I returned triumphant, infant in hand i learned that the guards we shot down were actually a Son of the Noble that lived there. Some would say the battles that would follow are my fault… i disagree….dont chase me.
Around this time is when I met this really old mad in the julii estate, always staring at me… I thought he was just odd so i ignored it but later on i learned that he knew a lot about my past that i did not know.
Opium Dens are great. Alia Enjoys them as well so it works out great that antonius assigns me to her. It was at the opium den that we met Sephira and Archamiedies. 2 people that would not only change our lives, but influence who we are and would become for many years to come.
And then we were sent to war. Kanosh seemed to live for war, I was just trying to get through it. We both make it out the other end of the war, and surprisingly as heroes.
Around Now is when I learn that god walk among men, and they want me to work for them.


Living in Rome is magnificent! So many different standards of living. So many things to do. I like getting to know everyone and rubbing elbows with the higher ups.It doesnt hurt that I am in with the Julii bloodline.Beacuse of this, I am able to train gladiators and win some money on the side when I do I well. So far this Egyptian I have is a an ace and is coming to be a good pal.
After proving myself as a trainer the Julii family have me start training Antiounius’ younger brother, who happens to be very sickly and scrawny. hopes to not be so bad on the family name. He is doing rather well when I hear of the loss of my father and the war we must win the name of him. I go straight to my brother, who refuses to let me fight because of my gender! I will not take that so I chop my hair and enter as a male without my brother and anyone else’s knowledge. Because no one really knows who I am I get sent straight to the front lines. Apparently these opponents fight with giant animals called “elephants,” which I have never even heard of. I really dont know how I managed to get out of this, this things weigh tons!
When We get back from war and the my brother finds out what I had done we get upgraded. We go to this thing, what they call an opium den. Theres people everywhere, smoking and drinking and naked! I choose not to partake in this opium for a long time till I meet Sephira and Archamiedies, and then I suddenly change my mind. They are not normal beings but something more and it intrigues me. I want to know more. Also during this time I am supposed to be looking for a husband. Which is hard when I want only one man, and the one man I can not be with because of a family line.



At this time I have found a new temple to call home, the temple of Venus. I have met so many very interesting people, my favorite being Mother. Not only was she referred to as mother, she also took on the mother roll to me. I spent a lot of time with her learning and just listing to her stories, I was learning so well and quickly I became more and more important to her and in return she granted me rank within the temple. She would also give me offerings from herself each full moon. Everyday I grow to love her even more. I also got the pleasure of meeting Agatha, shes a very special child who many people seek answers from. She has been said to be able to tell the future and Ive seen her do it. She sure is gifted. Agatha is a very nice child and i have also became very close to her. My new friend Cassious offered to take me to an opium den, I have never been and I am so excited to go. We met a very pretty lady named Seraphina and a man named Archimedes. We were instantly drawn to them and this place, there was just something about them that was like no other. Seraphina had this amazing gift that would make you tell her things about yourself you didnt want anyone to know, she was just so seducing you ended up doing actually anything she wanted. Archimedes was just really laid back, very wise for his age and I also loved listening to stories he would tell. After returning home from the den that night I went right to see mother and tell her all about itt. Mother didnt seem very fond of Seraphina and told me to be very careful around her. I didnt take what mother said lightly, I tried my best to stay away from the lady she had warned me about. I did end up seeing Seraphina again, I just couldnt keep myself away and we had been having so much fun there. That time didnt go so well, I ended up telling her more then I should have and doing whatever she asked of me. She took special interest in me and always asked me to go with her. I kindly refused, she said I would come around but Ive found my home and was not ready to leave it for her.

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