Requiem Aeternam Negastis

Story 3: There are some who call me... Sicilious.


Kanosh heads south an returns bearing a daughter he never knew he had. The girl is taken into the care of Alia and the sisters. This time also begins a turbulent period in Venusia. Harsh Roman laws on Greek nobles turn unrest into political revolt. The first skirmishes claim the life of the Greek trainer when he protects Alia, and Naghum from assassins. Antonius takes Darius as his adopted son in respect for his fathers sacrifice. He plans to train the boy, but he is also taken by Alia and the church of Venus. The limited skirmishes grow and the heroes of the phyrric war are called upon to restore peace. A previous incident involving a few misguided arrows killing a son of the Alexandrian Greeks stirs the ancient spartan Tyberious to action. Kanosh alone goes to appease the god. Little does he know Tyberious has bigger plans in mind, and the addition of 5,000 celts is just what he needed. Kanosh is forced to defect with his troops and heads to Sicily. He meets a deranged witch named Ara. She is obsessed with Kanosh and he learns the pain and pleasure it brings.

The family tracks Kanosh to Sicily, as Antonius is recalled to Rome. Guinevere marries Patronius to protect her from the mob who are angry with Kanosh’s betrayal. Kanosh is saved from behind enemy lines and returns to the family. The ensuing war resulted in a great victory for Rome. Sicily was now under Roman control, and a new hero arose to take the place of the disgraced Kanosh. Unfortunately they also learn of Patronius’ torture and death at Tyberious’ hands. The family again returns home, and finds Venusia ablaze. The temple is in ruins Darius’s wife and Kanosh’s daughter with unborn child are dead, and mother is a pile of ash on the floor. The group finds Archimedes as the only survivor and he reveals himself to be a god and asks them to follow him. They wearily accept and begin their path toward godhood. Before leaving they bury their dead and pick up what pieces they can of their old lives. Antonius returns from Rome with Claudius. Antonius asks permission to marry Guinevere and is denied, shortly after Claudius dies and all his attendants are killed. Darius runs off to join the navy and Cassius get to finally have a face to face with his dad. Then they follow Archimedes to a far off village where the Julii line was born. The meet Etrius and learn of the Julii, Ventrue, and the fall of Troy. They are tasked with returning the Sword of Troy to Etrius and they will be made into gods in return. The family accepts and Antonius and Alia are embraced first because of their lineage and training. Archimedes follows along to Sicily to usher the young Alia, his new daughter, through her first nights.


Hmm looking back I think this is when my curse of taking the brunt of life in my family and friends stead really came into play. I lost my home to Rome and my father became the personal pet to Rome. I lost my father in Rome and had to fill in for the honor of my family and for my sister. I won the phyrric war for Rome and found out I had a daughter. The gods that walked among men took away my memories of her. As I finally got my daugther back Ala wanted her. I wasnt in a place to argue with her. She was in the favor of a god called mother and I had to see a god named Tyberious for penace for the life of a Caesar that was taken due to a member of my party. I decided not to involve them. They have clearly done enough…

I was taken and made a slave to serve and do as he saw fit. I was used for my skills as a General and warrior. I was tortured and shamed as I was made to fight against those I had sworn to protect. When I had served my purpose I was given to a psychotic god named Ara whoms twisted obsessions knew no bounds. She would delight in stripping me of my dignity and threatened to take away those I held most dear. She was a very power sorceress.

My family evenually came to rescue me. Come to find out my sister had to marry patronious to escape persecution for the acts that were forced upon me. Stripped of my former glory, once again forced into slavery at the hands of Rome. I had to become a Gladiator and slowly fight for my freedom. Nothing was ever easy for me. I became use to the trials and tribulations in my life. What doesnt kill you really does make you stronger.

The rest of my friends and family are playing nice with the gods.. Good for them. From my previous encounters I know that nothing is given for free, not even favor from the gods. I finally heard of my daughters death and that she was with child. “fuck these so called gods! I will have my revenge!”. We are given god blood to make us stronger and long lived and promised godhood if we can return the Sword of Troy to Etrius.

If this is the mission I must undertake to gain the power necessary to destroy those whom have taken so much from me so be it! I will dedicate the rest of eternity to power and vengence!! Im coming for you Tyberious!!


I am all to excited to have a baby in the temple, the sisters and I love teaching and caring for a child. She would have grown up and very smart young lady if she had the chance. She along with mother and Agitha had died way to soon. Archimedes was the only one left alive to reveal what had really happened to the temple that is now burned to the ground. He calls himself a god and insists we follow him. Before we leave we say our last goodbyes and gather sentimental belongings. That night we arrive to a place Ive never been. They school us on The Julii family and the history of them. We meet other so called gods and they give us a mission to complete. We are to return to them after retrieving the sword or Troy, then they will make us into gods our self. To help on our mission they embrace two of us, Antonius and myself. This was the night I was reborn, mother had been preparing me for this all along. My real father may have died a long time ago but tonight I have a new father, Archimedes.


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