Requiem Aeternam Negastis

Story 4: Carthage falls


The family returns to Sicily for a short time. They gather their resources while the now grown Optimus fends off Hannibal and his elephants in the north. Antonius and Guinevere decide to allow his twin sister Nagum, and Optimus to grow old and die in peace rather than be pulled into their lives. While preparing for war Alia tracks down one of Mother’s relatives alive in Sicily. Sarah (mother) has a great granddaughter named Theresa and she has a bodyguard (Khaibit) named Nassir. While she stays with them to learn more about Sarah’s bloodline, the rest on the family focuses on the war effort and tracking down Ara. One of her storms shipwrecks them on an island and forces them into a conflict with one of Poseidon’s daughters, after that they pick up her trail but she slows them down again by raising all the dead in Theresa’s city in Sicily to buy her and Tiberius time to escape to Carthage.
Cassius Sicilious, thought to be a demi-god by mortals, is called back into action to end the Punic Wars once and for all. They march over land though Spain collecting victories and meet up with Antonius and a legion on undead soldiers on their way to the gates of Carthage. Cassius and Darius sneak in and set the city ablaze while Kanosh and Guinevere attack the gates. By nightfall the gates are breached and vampires enter the city. The family heads to the catacombs to search for Ara and the sword. They don’t find Ara but they find the sword cast aside on the ashes of her diablerized grandsire, they also find her uncle Carlyle and old venture scribe. They agree to help him get out safely and he reveals to them that Agatha, the oracle, long thought dead has been Tiberius’ prisoner this whole time. On the way out Cassuis and Darius are caught and nearly sacrificed by Ara in a ritual, but are saved with the help of a young Quintus and the furies. The ritual gets finished and all the dead soldiers both Roman and Greek rise under the control of Ara. The group rushes to stop the zombie army just in time, the battle is won though Tiberius and Ara escape. The family leaves Carthage and the fields are salted so the dead cannot rise again. They return to meet Etrius and give him the Sword of Troy. They are made into gods as promised. Antonius chooses to embrace Guinevere and The furies claim Kanosh because of his past and his martial prowess. Cassius has the option of being embraced but turns it down in order to stay a ghoul. The family returns to Sicily so they can take time to adjust to their new condition. Archimedes, Cassius, and Darius go to sea to battle Grecian pirates in the surrounding islands. Within a few years the family gets back together and sets its sights on Rome, the city where gods walk among men.



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