In those days we still saw the sun
4 stories
Span: 282 BC to 146 BC.

The Rise and Fall of Rome:
7 stories
Span 146 BC to 410 AD.

Flames, Faith, and Family ties:
8 Stories
Span: 410 AD to 1454 AD.

The isle at the edge of the world:
5 stories
Span: 1454 AD to 1665 AD.

Current date: 1665 AD

Current Narrative: In 1665 the family finds itself nearing the peak of its power, but also separated. Antonius has left and his daughters are an ocean apart. Their grandchildren are even farther yet. Eva has become queen of England, Guinevere Queen of new York, and Jubei starting a successful crime syndicate in Japan. The Mekhet are finally whole again. With Archimedes returned to them they can at last take some time to heal. Cassius has regained part of his soul and sanity, Darius has stopped trying to run away from the family, and Archimedes has enforced respect among his offspring. Alia finds herself busy between helping her family and nursing a pagan bloodline in mexico city that the family nearly diablerized into extinction. After numerous losses throughout his bloodline Kanosh finds himself in search of his legacy. Trying to regain the power he lost so long ago and rebuild the family taken from him. His newest edition Pierce, a reincarnated Mekhet has been loyal, but also bears the mental scars of all the Mekhet family. Quintus’ soul and mind are fractured at best. After diablerie of several sorcerers and Lothor until he wassailed. The only thing that kept him together was Alia’s sanctuary. Now as his mind is somewhat repaired he has become obsessed with the idea of Ascension, and is willing to do whatever is needed to achieve it. The most unlikely of people has become the savior of paganism in the western hemisphere. Haius has gone from a one legged midget slave to become one of the founders of Santeria, the prince of Havana, and the single wealthiest merchant in the known world.

Requiem Aeternam Negastis

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