Requiem Aeternam Negastis

Story 1: Rome, the city of the Gods


The young gods arrive in Rome, and are brought into the social/ political scene. These early years before the time of Tersia, Colabro, and long before the start of Christianity. Etrius sat on the throne of his father, Julius Senex the founder of Rome and cousin to Romulus and Remis. There were also Janus, Numerius, Marcurius, and Bellasandra, to round out the major players in the invictus counsel of the senex. The young gods are loosed upon the city. Kanosh is taken into the Furies, a branch of the Legio Mortum, and forced to fight his sire to the death as the others will only allow one male among their ranks. Even after his victory it becomes apparent to him that the women just plan on using him as their whipping boy. The only peace he finds in those days are with the harem he starts building. Alia joins with the cult of Augurs. She learns to tell the future and how the augurs use that ritual to gain patronage from the other gods. While searching for a temple to join she meet Quintus, high priest of Zeus. She opens her own Venus temple with money from the senex Quintus helps he procure. Cassius opens a small opium den nearby with contacts he made with Seraphina’s sire Salim, and turns a prophet while learning to be a proper acolyte to Alia. With Etrius as his sire Antonius is quickly offered a spot on the invictus counsel. He uses his new office to patron Alia and her church, the opium den, and Kanosh to help him get proper training through Quintus. Guinevere start her early political career in the senex. Her first opposition comes from Janus’ family line. His son Praius, Granddaughter Marianna, and great granddaughter Elissa. She is tested by Elissa in her first major debate, and crushes Elissa so badly she nearly frenzies in Elysium. Her victory brings herself, Antonius, and Etruis great honor among the senex. The young gods enter Rome and begin to make a name for themselves in their chosen Requiems.



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