Requiem Aeternam Negastis

Story 3: When Vipers Strike


A plague hits the empire, mortals begin to die in large numbers and the gods become infectious carriers. The plague carriers caught are exiled on pain of death by the senex. The augurs develop rituals to cleanse the blood of the gods but at a steep price. The gods who can’t afford it, mainly low clans, are left to fend for themselves. Janus sees this as his opportunity to further his plot and convinces the counsel to enact a law which forces all gods underground. They are to live in the tunnels as their ancestors did for their own protection. The only source of clean blood in Rome is the blood dole, a giant cave full of cleansed mortals protected by the legion. Daily blood rations are given, though since the senex eats first and the the low clans get whatever is left this adds to the growing anger amongst the people. Kanosh teams up with his gangrel mercenary friend to take on some extra work clearing out infected gods. Seen as another oppressed low clan Kanosh is invited to rallies and even asked to look the other way as infected gods are smuggled out and fresh blood smuggled in through the sewers. He gets closer to Martel and manages to uncover a plot to use ghouls to take control of the blood dole by day, incite riots in the tunnels and assassinate the counsel members. By the time he gets this info to Antonius the riots are already starting and day is upon them. That day they forced themselves to stay awake and headed for the blood dole to do battle, many gods fell, some were diablerized, but the blood dole was retaken. During the battle Guinevere and Antonius sensed Etruis was in danger and ran to save him, but by the time they got to the senex building it was too late. Janus (Martel’s silent partner) had completed his plot. He led.Etrius into Martel’s trap and watched Etrius get cut down. Then as the group was fighting its way into the senex building, Janus and his co-conspirators Numerius and Marcurius killed Martel to destroy any evidence. They only ones left knowing the truth were Antonius and Guinevere who witness Etrius’ last few moments through his blood tie. The battle was over, Castinus and Praius took over management of the blood dole. Janus was unable to sit in Julius Senex’s throne so he had his own made and became steward of Rome. Antonius stepped down from the counsel to grieve and Guinevere took his place. Janus asked her to keep an eye on Antonius so he didn’t get irrational in his grief, but when Numerius went missing during the day Janus decided to make plans for him as well. He almost got his chance to kill the whole family when Cassius pushes his luck against Praius at the blood dole and was captured and tortured. The family went to rescue him and would have died of not for a face rape accusation. Cassius was taken back to the church and put under lock and key, but when everyone left he convinced Darius to go kidnap Praius for him during the day. When the family woke up to find Janus’ son Diablerized in Alia’s church they decided to flee from Rome before anyone discovered what had happened. They fled south to Egypt since they already had a safe house their, part of a deal Cassius had worked out with Salim years ago. For his loyalty Darius was embraced by Cassius on the boat.



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